Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 6)

Six weeks of football leaves us with one undefeated team and three teams with only one loss. The playoff picture is just starting to take shape while teams that have performed badly so far still have a chance to turn the season around and come out either on top of the division or at least make a playoff appearance. I caught some competitive games on television and felt both excitement and disappointment with the results. I'm going to focus on teams in the middle of their division in this week recap and catch up struggling losers next week.

AFC West
Both the Raiders and Broncos suffered losses this week. The Kansas City Chiefs beat Oakland while the San Diego Chargers beat Denver on Thursday night. The Chiefs are only down a half a game in a very competitive division.

AFC South
The Titans trail closely behind the Texans with a 3-3 record after a win against the ailing Browns. Houston had a tough game against their divisional rivals the Colts but came out on top and are still 4-2. The Jaguars beat the Bears but, like Indianapolis, only have two wins.

AFC North
This whole division lost this weekend so I'll take the chance to mourn the Bengals rough season after a loss to the Patriots. The Steelers are on top but lost to the Dolphins. The Ravens are behind them but lost to the Giants. Cleveland loses to everyone, but their baseball team looks good in the playoffs and they already have an NBA championship this year.

AFC East
The Buffalo Bills looked impressive against the 49ers this weekend and are right behind the Patriots. New England rolled past Cincinnati and only has one loss. Miami beat Pittsburgh but looks to have a long road ahead. The Jets lost to the Cardinals badly on Monday and only have one win against Buffalo.

NFC East
The Redskins faced the Eagles in a divisional matched that I caught quarters of and saw Washington come out on top against Philly. Dallas looked great against the Packers and have a strong path to the playoffs. While the Giants are even at 3-3 after beating Baltimore, New York has the bad luck of being in a tough division.

NFC West
Arizona shined on Monday night against the New York Jets but after the Seahawks beat the Falcons, they still remain behind. The Rams lost against Detroit but they are also at 3-3. San Francisco lost again and is down 1-5.

NFC North
Detroit defeated Los Angeles and sits at 3-3 but are still behind the Packers who lost to Dallas and the Vikings who are undefeated. Chicago will be the focus of next week's post as they lost for the fifth time against Jacksonville.

NFC South
The New Orleans Saints defeated the former NFC Champs, the Carolina Panthers and are tied against the Bucs who had a bye week. I'm still grieving the Falcons loss to the Seahawks.

A great weekend of sports puts us right near the middle of the season. Next weekend, I look forward to the Eagles vs. Vikings, Patriots vs. Steelers, Seahawks vs. Cardinals, and Texans vs. Broncos on Monday. 

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