Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 5)

The fifth week of NFL games had some teams pull away while other divisions remain competitive. Playoff contenders distinguished themselves but upsets could still happen as there is a lot of football left to play. One team looks great, my favorite Atlanta Falcons and could be a real contender in the playoffs this year.

NFC South
The Atlanta Falcons proved themselves this weekend by being the first team to beat the Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos 23-16. Tampa Bay beat Carolina by a field goal Monday night and the Saints had bye-week. Every team has one win while the Falcons only have one loss.

NFC West
The Seahawks will have a challenge next week with the Atlanta Falcons but with a bye week this weekend they are at the top of the West. The Los Angeles Rams also have three wins but they lost to the Bills this weekend to fall behind. Arizona beat San Francisco for Cardinals' second win while the 49ers only have one win.

NFC North 
The Vikings are the only team in the league that is still undefeated after they beat the Texans this weekend. Green Bay beat the Giants on Sunday night to remain close behind their rival. Detroit upset the Eagles while Chicago lags behind with another loss from the Colts.

NFC East
The Cowboys beat the Bengals pretty badly to pull ahead of the Eagles who got their first loss. The Redskins are salvaging their season with a win against Baltimore while the Giants are good but at the bottom of a tough division.
AFC West
The Raiders have become surprisingly good with only a loss to the Falcons earlier. Oakland's win over San Diego puts them tied with Denver after the Broncos lost to the Falcons. Kansas City had a bye week.

AFC North
The Steelers beat the Jets to rise to the top of the competitive AFC North. The Ravens suffered their second loss in a row to the Redskins. Cincinnati fell to Dallas and while Cleveland has basketball championship and a baseball team in the postseason, the Brown have yet to win a game.

AFC South
The Texans are proving to not be as powerful as they started out with a second loss to the more powerful Vikings. The Titans and Colts both got wins to become 2-3. The Jaguars are doing poorly at 1-3 after a bye-week.

AFC East
The Patriots got their starting quarterback Tom Brady back from suspension and won their fourth game. Buffalo looks better with their third straight win. New York and Miami are at the bottom with a 1-4 record. 

Games I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend are the Falcons vs. Seahawks, Eagles vs. Redskins, Cowboys vs. Packers, and the Colts have a chance to bounce back by beating the Texans. Some divisions are getting away and in the next few weeks, teams will lose their chance at a playoffs run. I'm excited for another week of football right in the thick of the season. 

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