Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 8)

In the eighth week of college football, a huge upset will change the ranking while other teams improved their chances to make it to the playoffs.. The marquee game of the weekend, Alabama vs. Texas A&M served only to solidify the Crimson Tide's dominance as the top-ranked team in the league. 

The biggest upset of the weekend came when Penn State upset 2Ohio State with a 17-point fourth quarter. Penn State already has two losses but they'll move into the top 25 with that impressive win. OSU will stay in the top ten. 

As the Buckeyes plummet, Michigan moves to second place with a win over Illinois. Clemson had a bye week and remain in third. Washington takes on the last playoff spot as the leader in the West. Louisville benefits from a win over NC State and Nebraska is still undefeated. West Virgina and Baylor head towards a matchup at the end of the year as they have both avoided losses so far this season as well. The Aggies won't drop too far since they lost to the best team and round out the top ten. 

Other teams I'm keeping an eye on are the Florida Gators who had a bye-week but remain atop the SEC East, the Boise State Broncos still haven't lost, and Utah has only one loss with a game against 4Washington next weekend. Beside the Utes and Huskies game, I'll also be following Clemson vs. Florida State, and Nebraska vs. Wisconsin. It looks like the top four have established their position but they'll have to work hard to defend their playoff chances. 

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