Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 7)

Approaching the halfway point of the college football season, I've decided to take a look at each division that stands a chance of sending up a contestant into the college football playoffs. I'll take a look at the standings and make a few predictions on who will be in the championship games. The weekend had a lot of competitive games that will have repercussion for the rest of the season.

The Clemson Tigers faced a challenge this weekend facing off against NC State who had not yet lost a conference game. Clemson came close to losing but achieved the victory with luck and remains at the top of the Conference division and ranked fourth. The other team to watch out for are the Louisville Cardinals who previously fell to Clemson and beat Duke this weekend. They face NC State next week. 
The North Carolina Tar Heels have lost the UGA and Virginia Tech but they still have a chance to play spoiler if they can stay on top of their division though they face competition from Pittsburgh and VT.

Big 12
The Baylor Bears have not faced much of a challenge yet as they beat Kansas this weekend and remain undefeated. They still face the challenge of Oklahoma who beat Kansas State and West Virginia who beat Texas Tech.

Big Ten
Two of the top three teams are in this conference division and will face each other later this season. The Wolverines crushed Rutgers this weekend. The Buckeyes faced a tough game against the Wisconsin Badgers but came out on top in overtime. 
The Cornhuskers are still undefeated beating Indiana this weekend. They'll still have to beat Ohio State later this season and have Iowa only one loss behind them after beating Purdue.

The Washington Huskies remain undefeated, ranked fifth and atop the PAC-12 North after beating Oregon. The Washington State Cougars have not lost a conference game yet beating UCLA. These two teams will face in the last game of the season.
The Utah Utes beat Oregon State this weekend and face Washington in two weeks. Colorado is the challenger after beating Arizona State and will face Utah at the end of the season.

After two tough losses for the Tennesse Volunteers, the Florida Gators rise to the top with only one loss to the Volunteers. The Gators beat Missouri and have had games canceled due to the hurricane. They still have to face UGA, Arkansas, LSU, and FSU if they want to stay at the top. The Volunteers were defeated by top-ranked Alabama.
The Crimson Tide are the best team in the entire college football league according to the rankings and their dominance of Tennessee reinforces that ranking. Next week they fast their divisional rival and fellow undefeated team, the Texas A&M Aggies in what looks to be the most exciting game next weekend.

At the moment it looks like Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington will be the teams to face off in the playoffs but Michigan, Nebraska, and Baylor will have a chance to challenge these leaders.

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