Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 6)

The sixth week of college football had some exciting games for lower ranked teams but the top five should remain steady as Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan, and Washington all won big. Alabama had a challenge from 16Arkansas but put them away 49-30 with a strong offensive. 
Unranked Navy upset 6Houston in a 46-40 game. 7Louisville had a bye week. The other big matchup was between 8Texas A&M and 9Tennessee.
In a gut-wrenching overtime game, the Aggies came out on top by a touchdown stopping the Volunteers streak of coming from behind to win at the last moment. Tennessee did not make it easy but Texas A&M remains undefeated as they barrel towards Alabama in two weeks. The other top ten team to fall was the 10Miami Hurricanes.
After a loss to Louisville and UNC, Florida State has lost their chance to make it in the playoffs but they can still upset and position themselves for the best bowl game possible. 17UNC was rising in the ranking but lost to 25Virginia Tech this weekend. With a lot of bye games there wasn't much movement in the rankings though 15Stanford lost to Washington State and 21Colorado lost to USC. That's a wrap for my college recap this week. 

Looking forward to next weekend, Alabama vs Tennessee and Wisconsin vs Ohio State are probably the two most exciting match ups and will have consequences for the playoffs in who represents the Big 10 and SEC. 

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