Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 5)

This weekend had some outrageous games between top competitors in college football with all the exciting finishes one would expect for this impressive lineup. There were upsets, close calls, and some predictability as the games played out through Saturday. Teams dropped in the rankings while others rose and the competitors are starting to pull away from the teams that are losing chances. 
Starting with the top five, I have to take a moment to mourn the poor Kentucky Wildcats who only managed to get a field goal before being crushed by Alabama. Ohio State retains their 2nd place ranking by keeping Rutgers scoreless and scoring 58 points. The most exciting matchup of the weekend was the night game between the Clemson Tigers and the Louisville Cardinals. It came down to final moments but the fifth-ranked Tigers beat the third-place Cardinals to take the lead in the ACC Atlantic Division.
The fourth-place Michigan Wolverines faced the 8th ranked Wisconsin Badgers in what wasn't the most exciting matchup of the day but still a competitive one that came down to just a touchdown in the final quarter. Michigan stays in fourth place but has Ohio State down the line later this season. 6Houston won the Thursday game handily against Connecticut. 10Washington beat 7Stanford on Friday night and now Washington moved to fifth place and leads the PAC-12 with the only undefeated record. I think next week I'll look a little closer at divisions. 9Texas A&M beat South Carolina to round out the top ten and now they have moved to eighth place.
The craziest game that I watched yesterday was between 11Tennessee and 25Georgia. I have learned my lesson about underestimating the Volunteers this year because every time I think they are about to upset they come back and win in an astonishing fashion. With the final catch and Tennessee win, they advance to ninth place and an undefeated University of Miami is the new ten spot holder.

12Nebraska, 13Baylor, 19Boise State, and 22West Virginia are the remaining teams with undefeated records in the top 25. Looking forward to next week, 8Tennessee takes on 9Texas A&M in an exciting SEC battle, 1Alabama is challenged by 16Arkansas, 25Virginia Tech will try to upset 17UNC who just beat 23FSU. The Seminoles will try to regain their high ranking against 10Miami. The leaders are rising to the top and I'll be watching to see who will be ranked when it comes time for the playoffs.   

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