Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Politics: Vice Presidential Debate

Tonight will go down as one of the most boring nights of the crazy 2016 presidential campaign of the United States of America, but it did not lack the signature absurdity present throughout politics this year. The Vice Presidential candidates each brought a unique tactic and the moderator Elaine Quijano tried her best to moderate though failed to stop the constant interruptions or fact-check the blatant lies.
The Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine took the stage to sit and discuss issues and defend the records of their running mates. The candidates did not directly answer many of the questions that they were asked and dodged and ducked responses. The most remarkable thing about this debate was the outright denial by Mike Pence of what Donald Trump is recorded as saying. Kaine continued to push Pence to defend his running mate's statement. 

Pence hit back trying to bring up Republican talking points about the Clinton Foundation and the current administration failure to defend the nation, but Kaine did not shy away from these accusations and turned the focus back to Trump. Pence was not fazed and continued to smirk and deny to the camera. It looks like many of the pundits are declaring this a win for Pence since he so strongly denied the statements and claimed his candidate was not a polished politician.

Kaine accomplished a lot bringing up important talking point and keeping Trump's taxes in the conversation. Pence seems to be thinking ahead to his own political ambitions and already distancing himself from Trump to make a run in 2020. Both of these vice presidential picks are not very exciting like in 2008 when John McCain's VP Pick Sara Palin altered the race dramatically and added a shot of energy in the most exciting campaign I've witnessed before this one.

The general consensus from the political insiders I've read and listened to is that the VP debate does not have a strong sway on many voters and will not have consequences in the election. I was curious to see these two men speak as I'd not heard even of them through a whole speech since they were first selected. The spin begins immediately after and will continue until the next debate on Sunday night.

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