Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Politics: Presidential Debate #3

The third and final debate took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, somewhat of a battleground state at the moment. Chris Wallace hosted and decided the topics of the questions. The animosity has grown intense at this point in the election as the families will not shake hands nor the candidates. The polls favor Hillary Clinton heavily after the release of a controversial tape of Donald Trump. The Republican candidate hopes to regain ground in this debate while the Democratic nominee hopes to stave off any rise.    

The topics ranged from the Supreme Court, immigration, economics, fitness to be president and foreign policy. Clinton promised to protect Planned Parenthood while Trump claimed the former Secretary of State wanted to rid the Constitution of the Second Amendment, which she denied. Immigration brought Trump's claim to build a wall while Clinton ridiculed his visit to Mexico. Both candidates made statements for their economic policies against claims of economists that claim their plans will raise the national debt. 

The strangest part of this debate was Donald Trump refusal to accept the result of the campaign and saying he would wait until he looked at the outcome before making a decision. The host tried to explain the foundation of our democracy and the peaceful transition of power, but Trump refused to concede. He also received more tough questions about his statements and the recent accusations of women against him. 

The debate will be cast in the middle line as it tries to remain unbiased and keep the race close for viewers. Many of the reporters I follow are prepared for this election to be over and I'm tired of watching and writing about it the few times that I've ventured to do so. Donald Trump has taken the campaign for president of the United States to a different level that is unprecedented in my lifetime. 

Issues like foreign policy received a small amount of time focusing mainly on Syria, the rush of migrants, and the interference of Russia by helping the leader Assad. Trump claimed that Assad was much smarter than Obama and Clinton and Hillary responded with her experience and measured solutions. I'm glad the debates are over but will miss the constant excitement of reading the political news. Just under three weeks until the election occurs whether Donald Trump accepts it or not. It looks like Hillary Clinton heads out of this debate and toward election day with a big lead but we'll have to see how it all turns out.

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