Sunday, October 9, 2016

Politics: Presidential Debate #2

The second presidential debate after huge developments for both campaigns in the weekend leading up. Donald Trump dealt with a video released recording him making lewd comments and saw Republican support dwindle. Hillary Clinton had her emails released by the hacking group WikiLeaks and had surrogates fumble the response. After the first debate and the VP debate, the campaigns knew the attacks but the handling of the news brought an unknown aspect.

 Trump was forced to address his controversy first as a question about decency. He brushed it off as "locker room talk" and referred to an early apology. The Republican presidential nominee pivoted to a press conference he held an hour earlier with alleged victim of abuse by Hillary's husband the former president Bill Clinton. Moderator Anderson Cooper pushed the tapes and Trump repeated his response.

Clinton moved passed this controversy of her husband and tied Trump's words to other mistakes he's made like Judge Curiel and the Khan family attacks that were based on race and also caused the Republican party to distance themselves from their candidate. She continued to promote her website and use that as a way to fact-check the many statements Trump made that would go unchallenged in the debate. She often disregarded his statements as false before moving toward her own policies and plan. 

The most extraordinarily shocking moments were Trump's threat to investigate his opponent, his disagreement with his Vice President to side with Putin, and the denial of a ban of Muslims. There was a brief discussion of foreign policy but most of this turned into insults back and forth. The town hall allowed the candidates to received easy questions that they could use to promote themselves and denigrate the other. 

This debate, like the last, will not change the minds of the diehard voters and already appears to be a victory declared from both sides. Each candidate was not allowed to have one final barb as they were asked to compliment one another. Clinton named Trump's kids while Trump complimented her on her tenacity. The spin will begin all night and through the next ten days until the third and final debate on October 19.  

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