Monday, October 31, 2016

Write: National Novel Writing Month 2016

I'll be writing again this November. I'd like to think that I won't blog as much but I'm committed to at least 20 posts, maybe a little less. I won't be doing daily posts like last year, maybe updates if I find the time. For now, I'll focus on my writing. I'm already having trouble letting go of correcting the mistakes and allowing myself to write poor sentences. It wasn't my best idea to edit my novel from last year all the way up until two hours before midnight.

I took a nap on Halloween to prepare for the clock striking twelve so that I could spend an hour or two working on the prologue and updating my initial word count. Distractions will be the most difficult thing to avoid with a commitment to television and film consumption, but this is the one month to put those aside and focus solely on my own creativity. For shows that have finale this month, my reviews will most likely be a few days off as I'll probably have to play catch up. I practiced blocking out the distractions and writing but it makes for rushed and confused sentences.

This year is my third participating in this crazy month of writing with abandon so I'll be adding a third novel to my haunted house horror series. This time I'm taking my protagonist back in time to 1976 so I will be stalled out at random times to do some time travel research. I had hoped to plan ahead but things got ahead of me so I'll be doing research during the writing and then have to go back and fact-check during the editing phase whenever that will be.

I'm excited for the group in Lexington. It looks like there will be a lot of participation, so much I can hardly keep up with all the constant notifications from the various social media all of us use to communicate. I will have to log off sometimes to focus on my writing but I'll be sure to check in daily to address any issues of complaints that may arise throughout the next thirty days. I plan on eliminating some other social media distractions to maintain my focus on NaNoWriMo.

I've breached my first one thousand words and my novel has begun. I'm interested in how this novel will turn out with the added challenge of time travel, but I hope to draw some conclusions about what I've been setting up the previous two years to round out the first three novels in the series and see if I can't shift gears for future installments. 

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