Sunday, October 16, 2016

Magazine Review: Uncanny Magazine (Issue 11)

Excited to find some time to catch up on the back issues of Uncanny Magazine and the reading has proven highly enjoyable. The stories in the eleventh issues range in setting from Outerspace, the distant past, and fantasy locations. The writing is brilliant and the issues diverse. I highly enjoyed the poetry and nonfiction as well learning new things and feeling deep emotions as I read.

"A Hundred and Seventy Storms" by Aliette de Bodard tells the story of a sentient ship on a harsh planet. I have enjoyed a lot of Bodard's fiction lately and this story is included. The story delves into family through a sentient ship with a great sci-fi and emotional twist. I also liked here the author speak about her story on the podcast to understand the fiction better. 

"El Cantar of Rising Sun" by Sabrina Vourvoulias takes a unique perspective on a community and tells a heartbreaking story that does not shy away from the harsh environment in which it takes place all the while having a strong sense of hope and looking to the future.

"The Words on My Skin" by Caroline M. Yoachim is short but sweet with a fascinating world in which words are inscribed on the skin that describe traits of the person. The story spans a whole life in just under 800 words.

"Snow Day" by Catherynne M. Valente was the most challenging read for me as it relates the upbringing of a young person through a very interesting genre of books. I found myself growing fond of the protagonist and reading closer to see the altered world outside. This is a story to revisit in the future.

"An Ocean the Color of Bruises" by Isabel Yap takes a clever narrative style and tells a truly terrifying horror story in which I felt like there was no escape. The characters felt so real and the turn in the middle is shocking and wonderful for a horror fan. 

"Travel with the Snow Queen" by Kelly Link is so much fun to read as a modern twist on fairy tales with interesting characters and a moving plot. The story takes on romance, happy endings, and a hero's journey with a fresh take and a world that I'd like to revisit again.

The nonfiction in this issue was both informative and interesting as I learned new things about the state of fiction and how to start a podcast with clever and personal stories mixed in. The poetry was haunting and beautiful and a special treat at the end of the magazine. I'm happy I took the time to catch up on the works within this issue and believe the Hugo Award was well-deserved for this amazing publication. It was an honor to see them accept the award at World Con and I look forward to continuing on as a Space Unicorn Ranger Corps Recruit!

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