Sunday, October 30, 2016

Graphic Novel Review: Outcast Vol. 1-3

After seeing the first episode of the Cinemax series, I went ahead and picked up Robert Kirkman's graphic novel illustrated by Paul Azaceta and colored by Elizabeth Breitweiser. The artwork and beautiful and the story intriguing as the graphic novel hints more at a potential plan for the demonic presences that possess people in the small West Virginia town. From a city in Kentucky, Kirman does  a great job capturing that small town atmosphere and populating it with likable and realistic characters. 

There are subtle differences between the comic and the show as it adheres more closely to its source material than Kirkman's other work that has been adapted, The Walking Dead. Outcast moves faster in the comics briskly pushing the plot through the panels though that just may be my reading speed, but the show always takes a little more time to fill the hour-long episodes with character development. The artwork serves the story well introducing us to Kyle Barnes and Reverand Anderson as they go through their difficult mission. 
Kyle Barnes has been traumatized by his childhood in which his mother became possessed and antagonized him because of his special purpose. Outcast means that Barnes has antagonistic abilities towards the demonic forces that spread throughout the small town. There are still no clear answers from the illustrated pages as to how and exactly why the demons possess who they do but it revolves around Kyle and possibly his daughter Amber who also has the Outcast power.

I like the idea of a master plan and am excited to see where the graphic novel heads in later volumes. I will have to wait as I like to buy the collected volumes but at least I won't have to hold off until the omnibus editions like I do with The Walking Dead. Outcast does put an interesting twist on demons and Kirkman has strongly established himself as a writer that can put a twist on a common horror trope and add new life to it. I'm excited to keep reading the comic and watching the show.

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