Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blog: One Year!

SwillBlog has existed for one year today and as I look back, I'm glad to see that my blog has come along quite nicely since its confused beginning. I began writing on October 1st, 2015 just trying to put my thoughts down on various topics and over the next twelve months achieved a structure that is easy to analyze and possibly build anticipation for upcoming posts. I have focused on several main topics including: movies, TV, sports, politics, books, writing, with some beer, music, and video games appearing every once in a while. My primary means of promotion was through Twitter and Facebook, with Google+ too because it syncs with Blogger well. 

I've made some analysis of my writing over the past year and will explore some trends and try to understand why I wrote about certain topics more or less.


With trips to the theater and preparation for a new franchise release, of which there were a lot of in 2016, I wrote a total of 133 movie posts. My peak movie months were in the midst of Oscar season and recapping the year with 23 posts in December and also summer movie seasons zenith with 20 posts in July. My lowest points of movie review were surprisingly November 2015 and not so surprising August 2016. I thought November would have more fair but even this year there are a few big hits to review and I'll be busy writing another novel. August is usually a slow time with the transition from summer to fall. 


I've watched a lot of television this year, too much really, but television has become such a strong part of the culture and a really great way to consume entertainment. Total this year I wrote 84 TV posts. I tried to write a post for the premiere of a show and the finale, but I think I'll phase out the premiere posts as there is just so much TV to watch and not enough time to write about it all. My TV writing steadily increase peaking with 12 posts back in June when the Spring TV shows had their finales and new shows came in for the summer. It dipped again but looks to be on the rise with shows like Luke Cage and Westworld coming out this weekend.


Sports writing is something I'm still trying to get a hang of and I don't have as much time to write as in-depth as I would like, but I enjoyed my most recent baseball post that actually discussed some of the best players on the playoffs teams and I like keeping up with football on a weekly basis. Sports peaked back in March during the College Basketball tournament and the start of baseball and dipped right before that and throughout the summer since I didn't have time to write about the Olympics at all, though I wanted to. Football should bring it back into the spotlight and the MLB Playoffs will capture my attention this October. I made a total of 83 sports posts.


Politics will be something I don't write a lot about in future years but the craziness of this year's presidential election has captured my attention like it does every four years, though this year has been exceptional. I made total of 45 politics posts with the primaries in February and March being my peak time. I'll have the debates to write about this month and the results in November, then I predict a strong drop off in political writing.


Writing about books is the the category I most want to improve and increase this next year. Reading is such a joy to me and I feel as if I never have enough time. Lately, I've been going to book events and switching between chapters of several books so I haven't had any review but I hope to double the 79 posts I did this year, though I doubt that will happen. I've enjoyed the sci-fi short fiction I received monthly and have found such great novels. Time is my biggest constraint but I will continue to schedule more time to read in the future. May was my peak month, I had more time back then and it must just have been a month where I finished a lot of books and other distractions like the other categories were not as large. I've kept it steady though it has declined because of last month's vacation and in September I was in the middle of several. I should have a few coming out shortly.

Other topics like writing, video games, and music might get some more attention. Writing peaks around my most productive months of Camp NaNoWriMo in March and NaNoWriMo in November. I'm about to go plan for the next novel for this November soon. I hope to keep my posts steady in the following year. Looking back, my posts peaked during the March Madness convergence of basketball and political primaries and dipped during August birthday vacation. I'm not sure how the view counter works but as of right now it says I have a total of 43,406 views. I think a bot got into the system on several months though as March and July were inordinately high, though I did post a lot around then as well. I'm happy with where the blog is at but I plan to take it new directions in the future. One thing I never fulfilled was exploring paranormal locations and for now that will just remain in my fiction. I do hope to add some music album reviews but that will take concentration and more time that I don't have at the moment. Blogging is fun and a hobby I hope to continue for many years. 

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