Monday, September 19, 2016

TV Show Review: Vice Principals (Season 1)

This new riotous comedy from Jody Hill and Danny McBride reignites the mad hilarity that made Eastbound and Down such an amusing and entertaining show. McBride plays Neal Gamby, a Vice Principal who only dream in life is to one day rise up to be a Principal. When Principal Welles (Bill Murray) retires to spend more time with his sick wife, it sparks a competition between Gamby and the other Vice Principal Lee Russell (Walton Goggins).

Both Vice Principals believe they are destined for the top role and plan on firing each other when they inherit the role. However, a new principal is hired, Dr. Belinda Brown (Kimberly Hebert Gregory). Dr. Brown comes in with ideas of change so both Gamby and Russell decide to join forces to get the principal fired. Gamby is dealing with his own personal problems at home as his ex-wife Gale (Busy Philipps) has married a motocross rider Ray Liptrapp (Shea Whigham), and taken his daughter away from horseback riding. 

Gamby also hopes to charm a teacher in the high school Amanda Snodgrass (Georgia King), but his headstrong buffoonish behavior doesn't help matters. Gamby and Russell go to hilarious lengths to torment Dr. Brown and McBride and Goggins are brilliant as the two disturbed men. Gregory is great as the troubled principal especially as her life starts to deteriorate at the hands of the Vice Principals. Whigham is also hilarious as the bumbling stepfather.

With a great cast and an unpredictable script, Vice Principals puts up competition for a great comedy of the year and is definitely one of my favorite as I turn towards the year end of shows. The extreme measures taken by the vice principals never fail to shock every Sunday night ending in an absurd climax that will leave viewers stunned during the final credits. I highly recommend this show to fans of McBride who brings his familiar yet welcome bravado cussing in front of children and pulling all sorts of physical and verbal stunt that made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions.

HBO has a growing catalogue of great comedy and Vice Principals adds to that long list. I do hope they bring it back for a second season because the finale is insane and makes me want to see what happens next. With only nine episodes at 30-minutes per episode, it's a quick watch that leaves viewers wanting more. I hope Vice Principals has a long future.   

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