Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TV Show Review: Easy

Netflix has a new anthology series that explores sex and relationships through various couples in Chicago. From newly formed couples to married with kids to one night stands, the relationships range in time and type but share a common thread of humanity. The characters are interconnected loosely with a few sticking out as unconnected or at least, I missed the connection. The episodes vary enough that I could see them appealing to different people and not always hitting for others.

The first episode explores a couple trying to reignite their sex life with kids and a role reversal of the woman being the primary breadwinner. The second follows the couple's babysitter and her new relationship with an activist who has her exploring veganism and biking. The third episode introduces brothers who work to start an illegal brewery while trying to start families. The fourth show a Hispanic couple moving into a new apartment and encountering an old friend. The fifth has a graphic novelist working to revive his career and suffering from the repercussions of putting his social life on the page. The sixth has a couple exploring online dating together. The seventh deals with aging and living a single life after a long term relationship, and the final episode returns to the brewery to follow a reporter working to interview the brothers.

The Joe Swanberg creation boasts a stellar cast from Orlando Bloom, Malin Ackerman, Marc Maron, Jane Adams, Dave Franco and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. There is also a long list of new actors that show plenty of talent and have bright futures including Kiersey Clemons, Zazie Beetz, Aislinn Derbez, and Aya Cash. This show allows each actor and actress a moment in the spotlight that a normal show quite wouldn't.

Easy has an artsy way of showing romance in the new millennium with the complications of social media and the constant connectivity. The show mimics real life so sometimes the story can be anticlimactic just ending without any drama that makes this show not as bingeable as normal Netflix fare. The show does offer a fresh start with only hints of other show in the new episode so it is hard to get too involved. I'd recommend this show to fans of indie romance films and caution viewers expecting tension and drama away from this show that allows life to play out at its own pace. 

I enjoy anthology shows with my favorite being Black Mirror that has a crazy mix of sci-fi and social commentary that Netflix will be premiering next month. Easy certainly takes a new look and the setting of Chicago helps show the interconnectivity of lives and love in a big city. I would like to see these characters get another spotlight and possibly other stories added. Easy came to the streaming a bit low-key without much advertising so it might not get much attention, but it deserves some recognition. 

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