Monday, September 26, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 3)

The third week of the National Football League came to a close this week with an exciting, high-scoring game between my favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons and their divisional rivals the New Orleans Saints on Monday night football that most likely got overshadowed by the big political event tonight. But still, the Falcons are on top in the NFC South so I'll start there.

NFC South
The Falcons are the only team in what looks like the worst division in the NFL with two wins. They beat the Saints who are now without a win after three games. Surprisingly, the former NFC Champion Carolina Panthers did not succeed against the Vikings and now have a losing record, hard to count them out though. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell in a close match against the LA Rams.

NFC North  
Undefeated, Minnesota triumphed over Carolina and took a lead of the division. I watched the Green Bay Packer beat the Detroit Lions in a tough game but it is hard to take down Aaron Rodgers. Detroit fell to 1-2 while the Bears lost the night game to Dallas to remain without a win.

NFC East
Undefeated as well, the Eagles got a big win against a tough Pittsburgh Steelers team but also blew them out to begin talk of a run to Super Bowl LI. The Redskins got their first win against New York Giants while Dallas also beat the pitiful bears. This division feels like a much stronger one this year.

NFC West
The Los Angeles Rams tied the Seattle Seahawks at the top of the West with that win over Tampa. Seattle beat their divisional rival, the 49ers while Arizona lost another to the Bills.

AFC North
John Harbaugh coached the Ravens to their third straight victory against the Jaguars in a division that at one time looked tough but did not play well this week. I rooted for the Bengals against the Broncos to no avail and the Steelers were blown out by Philly as mentioned earlier. The Browns are a team already working to fall out of playoff contention.

AFC East
The Patriots continue to impress proving to be more than their star players as they beat the tough Houston Texans. There is not much hope of competition as the other three teams: Miami, Buffalo, and the New York Jets are all at 1-2.

AFC West 
The Broncos dominated the Bengals as they make another run for the Lombardi trophy with Chief, beating the Jets, and the Raiders, beating the Titans, coming right behind them. Lagging behind is San Diego who lost to the Colts.

AFC South 

The Houston Texans may  have lost Thursday night but they are in the lead in a bad division with the Titans and Colts at 1-2 and the Jaguars without a win. I think Houston can make it to the playoffs but they don't look like a playoff team.

I'm starting to learn a lot more from the sports magazines I've subscribed to including Sports Illustrated and ESPN the magazine, but I'm nowhere those great sports writers. I just enjoy watching and having the recaps to know where the teams stand each week. I wish I had more time to delve deeps into the specifics of each game but I'll just do my quick recap for now.

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