Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 2)

The second week of professional football started to separate playoff contenders from teams that will begin the season 0-2 and have to work hard to end up with a winning record. I'm running a bit late on my recap of the months as the third week begins tomorrow so I'm skating just under the line with my post. It is interesting to see who are the early contenders and I wonder if others will change their ways for a surprise. Some divisions are tied up but I will pick my likely contenders with the new information focuses on some who may only have the spotlight momentarily before falling to the back of the pack.

NFC West
The NFC West is all tied up so I'm looking at the San Francisco 49ers a little closer this week. Controversy swirls around them but they could possibly pull ahead in a troubled West. After coming out strong in the first game and decimating the Los Angeles Rams, they lost badly to the Panthers this week. The Rams pulled out a win in a low-scoring victory against their divisional opponent the Seattle Seahawks while the Cardinals crushed the Buccaneers after losing their first game.

NFC South
This might be my only chance to see the Atlanta Falcons on top as their win against the Oakland Raiders put them in a three-way tie with the Bucs, who lost to Arizona, and the Panther, who beat the 49ers. The Saints have fallen quickly to the bottom.

NFC North
Though they suffered the loss of their stellar and troubled running back Adrian Peterson, the Viking see themselves at the top of the NFC North beating their rivals the Packers on Sunday Night. The Detroit Lions survived a close game last week but that was not the case against the Titans this weekend, but they remain in the middle of the pack of an ailing Chicago Bears.

NFC East
The Philadelphia Eagles have had it easy so far with only the Browns and the Bears as opponents but their Monday night win ties them with the Giant, who I still think will take this division. The Cowboys after beating the Redskins who are at two losses.  

AFC West
The reigning champs, the Denver Broncos, continue their domination with a win over the Colts. The Chiefs lost to the Texans, Chargers beat the Jaguars, and Raiders lost to Atlanta to make them all 1-1.

AFC South
The Texans have taken the lead beating the Chiefs with a dominant defense. The Colts and Jaguars are both at two losses while the Titans are at 1-1 with their win aginst Detroit.

AFC North

I managed to catch the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Cincinnati Bengals to share the top spot with the Baltimore Ravens who beat the Browns, a 0-2 team. 

AFC East
The New England Patriots beat the two-loss Dolphins and are still surviving despite losing their starting quarterback though they heave lost Garoppolo as well. I'm not sure the seriousness of his injury but they just need to make it two more games. The Bills have not performed well yet losing to the Jets this weekend who are now at 1-1.

That's  quick and easy take on football this past weekend. I'm looking forward to a couple games this upcoming week. The Thursday game pits two top teams, the Texans and Patriots, against each other to kick off the week. The Bengals have to prove themselves against the Broncos Vikings vs. Panthers, and Steelers vs. Eagles, are a couple of games I'll watch out for. The Falcons take on the Saints Monday night but I might be watching Trump take on Clinton in the first presidential debate.

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