Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 4)

An interesting week in college football as certain teams pull away and others lose their chance at the playoffs. Certain divisions had face-offs that could determine the rest of the year, while other top teams had it easy and cruised through with another blowout win to add to undefeated records. Moving quickly through the top ten, 1 Alabama had it easy and won. 2 Ohio face ranked 14 Oklahoma and won. 3 Louisville had it easy as did 4 Michigan. 5 Clemson won the early game against Georgia Tech. That wraps up the top five.

A big upset this weekend came when 8 Michigan State fell to 11 Wisconsin. The rest of the top ten had some excitement. 6 Houston won easily, they'll face 3 Louisville later this year. 7 Stanford defeated UCLA. Finishing the top ten was 9 Washington with a win and 10 Texas A&M beating their SEC West opponent 17 Arkansas.

The game I paid the most attention to was the competition for SEC East dominance between the 14 Tennessee Volunteers and 19 Florida Gators. The game appeared to be a sure thing for Florida but they played abysmally in the second half and blew the game so that Tennessee retains an undefeated record and with a 12 Georgia loss to 23 Ole Miss, they remain the only undefeated team.

Looking onward to Week 5, I see a matchup between 8 Wisconsin and 4 Michigan being competitive. 11 Tennessee could totally take the SEC East away with a win against 25 Georgia. The ACC could be decided in the 3 Louisville and 5 Clemson battle. Short post this week as I've got some other things to write about, but I'm excited to see the season shaping up to be exciting. 

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