Monday, September 26, 2016

Politics: Presidential Debate #1

The first presidential debate of the general election took place at Hofstra University in New York between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Lester Holt was the moderator and it aired to possibly a hundred million people across several news networks. I tried to switch through channels especially during the pre and post analysis. 

The debate felt lopsided towards Hillary Clinton as she held her tongue as Trump embarrassed himself with bluster and hyperbole. Clinton explained her policy and laid out future plans. Trump started out with plenty of his repetitive talking points and actually hit on some specifics when the topic was jobs, but Clinton hit back hard with personal anecdotes and jabs about his inheritance that obviously infuriated him and forced him to interrupt with corrections that made him look rude and unprofessional. 

The topic transferred from jobs to the complications of race relations in a time of police killings and riots. Clinton approached the issue with nuance and understanding while Trump repeated Law and Order to the point of claiming he would bring back stop and frisk of suspicious individuals. This topic also included Trump's birtherism and his repeated lies. Trump failed to tie Hillary to the initial attacks against our current president for his birth location and look sloppy. Clinton also managed to push the issue of his tax returns earlier and both of these issues hurt Trump badly.

Foreign policy has often been Clinton's stronger issue and the case was the same this time around as Trump bumbled and tried to explain the brash statements he'd made on Twitter and at his rallies and accuse Clinton of failures that were from a Republican administration.The reaction online felt rather split among the boisterous social media users on both sides though the political left seemed to be celebrating a lot more as the right and alt-right were on the defensive attacking Clinton and the moderator alike.

This debate looked good for Clinton but the polls may not change dramatically as many have already made their decisions. The clear winner felt like Hillary Clinton but the spin begins and has already taken hold of the media as Trump walked the media floor for a few more attacks including snarky comments about Bill Clinton's infidelity. The reaction will be telling tomorrow morning but the talking points seemed to be topics not discussed and unfair advantage for the Democratic candidate. I will be curious to see polls that come out later this week that show reactions from voters to this debate. It's still several weeks off from the main event of the election and we still have a Vice Presidential Debate and two more debate between Trump and Clinton so a lot can change. 

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