Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Movie Review: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) returned three years after her confessional diary movie to have all new adventure. This time, Bridget is already dating Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) a human rights lawyer who finds Bridget's awkwardness and penchant for embarrassing situations endearing. As Bridget maintains her hectic career as a television broadcaster jumping out of planes into pens of pig excrement, she begins to suspect that Mark has eyes on one of his coworkers.

Bridget finds herself in all sorts of absurd scenarios in this second go round from embarrassing herself in front of the wealthy upper class of London and nearly winning strange trivia to being locking up in a Thailand prison and skiing in Germany. One source of her excess drama is the reappearance of Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) who has turned from publishing to running an obnoxious travel show where he just makes up stuff about distant cultures.

The sequel benefits from an increased budget able to travel outside Bridget's comfort zone. The love triangle takes cues from the previous film hitting comedic notes that feel welcome if not a bit recycled. The film takes hilarious shots at the concept of "happily ever after" and explores the difficulty of keeping a happy, trusting relationship. There are large romantic gestures mixed with wardrobe malfunctions to make for plenty of silly fun. 

Zellweger improves on her large comedic role as the hapless Jones and puts her all into the outrageous physical comedy like fall face first on her skis from the ski lift. Firth is more stuck up but brings plenty of charm as he expresses his love despite Bridget's repeated mistakes. Grant is more sinister in this film allowing Bridget to find herself in trouble and even more promiscuous as he explores the country fully committed to bachelorhood.

This year is the year of sequels in the movie business so it is no surprise that this franchise has had a chance to shine again with one more goofy story about Bridget having a baby but she doesn't know who is the father as an extra twist. The Edge of Reason ends on a happy note and it looked promising for Bridget. I'll be curious to see hoe much time has passed since the difference between releases of the first two movies was three years but the time to have passed within the film narrative was only six weeks. At that rate only a year or so will have gone by. I'll have to find out tomorrow.  

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