Thursday, August 4, 2016

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

DC Films adds to the extended comic universe with supervillains, in this shallow action film stuffed full of characters but short on plot. The movie isn't as terrible as the pro critics made it out to be, it's just nothing special that the hype at first made it out to be. It rests somewhere in the middle of superhero films, not joining Deadpool in the subversive revelry, but not as serious a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to make it dull and long. It moves along quickly but this doesn't allow viewers to know any of the characters and hardly lets these meta-humans show off their powers. 

Will Smith carries the film bringing the brightest star power as Deadshot. Margot Robbie is right behind him laughing and spouting off with a strange New Yorker accent that came off kind of weird. Harley Quinn will be one to watch but her relationship with the Joker (Jared Leto) didn't show much chemistry. The rest of the team is regulated for the background, but Viola Davis takes on the lead role as no-nonsense Amanda Waller, though she doesn't make that much of an impression as she could have. The film jumps from scene to scene pushing a villain that looks like an outtake from Gods of Egypt and Cara  Delevingne as the archaeologist June Moon possessed by the Enchantress, who starts off looking cool as a horror movie monster but gets washed over with shoddy special effects.

The rest of the team leave something to look forward to if they make a sequel like Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), and Katana (Karen Fukuhara). Slipknot (Adam Beach) is hardly worth mentioning as a disposable character. Diablo (Jay Hernandez) does have some shining moment, but it's short lived. Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) is the loyal soldier, but his romantic involvement with Moon falls flat as the attempt of emotion in this story. 

All of these murderous criminals face-off against zombie-like blob humans that don't offer up much of a fight. There is a discrepancy between powers like a Batman villain facing a super human fire monster. The movie doesn't focus on this much, and the climax comes off as confused and easily wrapped up. They did make sure to evacuate Midway City and let us know so they wouldn't get the same criticism as Man of Steel. 

I waiver between praise and discouragement because at every moment the film seems to take off it crashes like the many subdued helicopter crashes, something early DC movies did as well. The crown jewel of the movie, a new Joker was a underwhelming and nothing to remember. I would like to see him face off against Batman because the tease is so quick, but it isn't as spectacular as it once was with other actors embodying these characters. There are hints towards Justice League and this movie feels like a two-hour advertisement for another better movie later. I could see this movie being adored and reviled, but it's just mediocre. 

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