Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Movie Review: Don't Breathe

Horror movies continue to impress as Don't Breathe arrives to finish off late summer at the movies. This thriller follows three criminals who break into houses until they break into the wrong one. Rocky (Jane Levy) just wants to escape crumbling Detroit to a life in California, but she needs one more score to have enough cash to leave. Her boyfriend, Money (Daniel Zovatto) hears about a blind veteran who received a large sum of money from a settlement after his daughter died in a car accident. Alex (Dylan Minnette) uses his dad's security guard keys to gain access to houses though this particular location proves more difficult with a vicious dog and an inordinate amount of locks.

Stephen Lang is ferocious as the blind man with dark secrets of his own. Lang stalks through the house creating a horrifying villain without any supernatural help.The acting was great from the three main actors. Dylan Minnette has graduated from the young Goosebumps film to a more adult horror and I hope he continues work in the genre. Jane Levy has shown promise with her appearance in Evil Dead and looks to have a bright future as a young actress. Fede Alvarez directs the film brilliantly with amazing cinematography to enhance the terror.

The movie does not let up one it gets running with one tense scene after another. The trailer spoiled a twist in the middle though the additional information made some of the later scenes even more cringeworthy. The violence isn't too awful though there are several disturbing parts. The film is a healthy competitor to the great horror movie early this year, Green Room. The run time is short since there is only so much one could do running around the house. 

Don't Breathe plays off of the villain's blindness and uses sound to its advantage making this a film best seen in the theater. The promising first weekend in the box office shows potential for dark thrillers like this movie and I hope this turns a profit for the studio encouraging producers to make similar films in the future. The movie has intelligence, not often relying on the stupid choices of characters to further the plot but containing smart twists and well-earned jump scares. 

I'd highly recommend Don't Breathe to horror fans who can stand brutal scenes of intense horror throughout the film. The positive critical reception also bodes well for a film in this genre that has struggled to impress moviegoers and critics alike. It's nice to see a film this entertaining to finish off a lackluster summer as we move into the slower movie month of September. 

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