Thursday, July 28, 2016

Politics: Democratic National Convention

The first woman ever elected to lead a major national party accepted the nomination during the convention for the Democrats. Serving as a response and one-up to the Republicans' gathering last week, the Democratic party boasted celebrities, big name politicians, military officials, and citizens from unique perspectives of life in this country. The convention did not start smoothly with the leader of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, dropping out after an exposure of internal emails, possibly caused by hackers working for Russian leader Vladimir Putin. 

The first night sought to unite the party that had a huge rift do to avid supporters of Hillary Clinton's primary opponent Bernie Sanders. The avowed socialist senator from Vermont got a chance to address the crowd after other left-wing leaders like Senator Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren. Sanders seemed like a sore loser grumpily sitting through the remaining days and grimacing whenver put on camera. Still, there was division and protesters chanted throughout, but then came Michelle Obama. One of the most inspiring speeches of the entire conventions came from the First Lady of the United States.

The second night stressed the need for gun control highlighting victims of violent acts that have been committed in recent years including mothers of victims of police brutality, Gabbie Giffords, and relatives of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Bill Clinton topped off the night in which his wife officially earned the nomination.

The third night really packed a punch with all the heavyweights of the Democratic party taking the stage. Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine introduced himself to the American people touting his reliigous beliefs and commitments to service. Both of the nominees for VP are pretty boring speakers, and the debate between them will not likely contain many fireworks. The current Vice President Joe Biden came out and chastised Donald Trump, promoted the accomplishments of the Obama administration, and endorsed Hillary Clinton. President Barack Obama finished the night strongly with what he has always done best, an inspiring, moving speech with flourishing and aspirational words that preach the best in America.

The final night should help drive a convention surge for the Democratic nominee as several great speakers led the way for Chelsea Clinton to introduce her mother. The former first lady took the stage and delivered a detailed speech that rebutted her opponent's criticism, reached out to the leftwing of the party, and provided a plan for her administration. Hillary Clinton hit all her strides in her impressive speech ending two weeks of political conventions. Now, there will be a lot of media cycles of back and forth campaigning before the debate, probably the next time I'll write about politics. 

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