Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Graphic Novel Review: Saga Volume 6

Just finished reading the sixth collection of six chapters of the one of the greatest graphic novel stories I've ever read. Saga does not hold back with odd characters that reflect our world in ways that are not always apparent at first. The panels never cease to surprise me as Fiona Staples brings to life Brian K. Vaughan brilliant plot. 

In the latest collection, the family has split and time has jumped a good bit from where Volume 5 left off. Alana and Marko the star-crossed lovers from warring civilizations have joined up after having major disagreements to find their daughter. I enjoyed seeing the couple in action robbing banks and searching for information. These two are the kind you want to root for and the prejudice they face is reflective of an awful human nature that Saga explores so well.

Hazel is now a kindergartner.  I had wanted the story to stick in the same time period and was a bit thrown off by the time jump but from this collection, I see where the issue is headed so I'm excited to follow them along for the ride in the future. Hazel's school is not normal as she is on the winged-species's planet Landfall as a prisoner. She has kept her wings under wraps though because if any of the Landfall army found out she had both wing and horns, she would be in big trouble.

The Will, a bounty hunter, is still coping with his addiction to The Stalk who has long since deceased but if he takes a drug can still hear her voice in his ear. He comes into contact with the two reporters investigating Hazel's existence in a very interesting way. I love how the characters intertwine and meet one another only to be separated and blow apart. The Robot Prince IV isn't done just yet either now trying to raise his son on a lonely planet with the cute little Ghus as a companion. 

I absolutely recommend this graphic novel to any avid fan of science fiction or for those who like a beautifully illustrated and powerful story. I'm hoping the next collection comes out soon but every new addition is worth the wait. I look forward to reading many more issues of this comic.  

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