Thursday, June 2, 2016

TV Show Review: Slasher

The U.S. channel Chiller and the Canadian Super channel have a scary new thriller show called Slasher. It recently popped up on Netflix after binge-watching Scream so we checked it out. Slasher has some juicy plot points as a killer stalks a woman who has moved back to a smalltown where her parents were murdered in a gruesome event. The story doesn't win too many originality points but supplies enough end-of-episode cliffhangers, gory murders, and mystery to keep a viewer engaged for eight episodes.

"The Executioner" is a black masked murderer that strikes horrifying, silent poses with his large blade as he chases down his victims. He uses a variety of methods to take out his victims and follows along with the seven deadly sins. The horror is ratcheted up to its full potential but television has not been able to reach the level of scary that movies have pushed. 

The cast has received the most criticism and the acting won't be winning any awards but it's passable for the genre. Katie McGrath who did in a ridiculous manner in Jurassic World plays the main protagonist. She's stalked and screams decently but doesn't do well in many of the other scenes. Brandon Jay McLaren plays the boyfriend who comes back to the town to work on the newspaper. He becomes enthralled in the mystery of the killer. I liked him in this role and continues a good crime drama performance after his small role in the killing. The rest of the cast is decent enough  but serve mostly as victims to be brutally murdered in creative ways. 

The story has twists and turns that keep the show moving at a steady pace though it falters at the ending. The best part was the revelation that other residents in the town have their secrets that are almost as horrifying as the main murder drama. Flashbacks supply the details to these gruesome events and it feels remarkably like American Horror Story. I think this show will continue as an anthology series as well with a different set of murders occurring if there is a season two.

I'd recommend this show for fans of the horror genre that like a serial killer plot that doesn't stray too far from a typical mystery. To guess the killer of this whodunit isn't hard but there are enough misleading distractions to keep viewers guessing. I liked it for the most part but would have like a more complicated finish.

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