Sunday, June 19, 2016

TV Show Review: Inside Amy Schumer Season 4

The increasingly famous comedian Amy Schumer continues her raunchy and hilarious sketch show on Comedy Central with a very funny fourth season. The comedy this season didn't exceed others but it still delivered plenty of laughs with great skits that were a spot-on commentary of our strange society.

With huge guests like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Liam Neeson, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi and Jake and Maggie Gyllenhall, Schumer uses her star power to bring out the comedic talent of all of these famous actors. Schumer explores the unique circumstance of gaining fame for boundary-pushing comedy and the challenges of dealing with overzealous fans and extremely harsh criticism from the media. Her sister Kim Caramele also delivers some funny roles especially in the finale of recap clips. 

Amy Schumer is not afraid to ridicule her detractors and expose herself to skeptical viewers and it usually turns out to be for great satire and skits that explore difficult situations. Some of the skits just flat out missed or were to over the top to capture the subtle laughs but the majority of the scenarios cooked up by the amazing writing team and the comic are  able to make viewers laugh out loud. 

Exploring situations like the first woman president to awkward dating circumstances, Schumer is at her best when skewering the piggishness of men and the shallowness of wealthy women living in isolation of the harsh reality many experience. Issues like gun control, male aggression, and drug abuse are addressed in a way that avoids the dour seriousness of these controversies yet still makes valid points. I look forward to what happens next in Schumer's career and the show return next year. 

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