Thursday, June 2, 2016

TV Show Review: Archer (Season 7)

The seventh season of this hilarious cartoon comedy began and ended with a mystery and image. Archer, voiced by iconic voice actor H. Jon Benjamin, floats in a pool with gunshot wounds bleeding out. The entire season is a flashback to how the group of bumbling spies now turned private detectives got into this situation. 

Archer and the gang had lost out of their secret spy agency once called ISIS, for obvious reasons, in the sixth season when they were dissolved and forced to work for the CIA. This introduced the character Slater voiced by Christian Slater who reappears in this season for a cameo episode. For the most part, the Figgis Agency lead by Cyril Figgis, voiced by Chris Parnell, because he is the only one with a detective license. They mostly work for Veronica Deane and her agent or lawyer Alan Shapiro, voiced by Patton Oswalt. 

Archer with his immeasurable charm and machismo woos Deane much to the chagrin of his baby's mother Lana Kane, voiced by the very funny Aisha Tyler. Lana gets jealous and flirts with the director, which makes Archer jealous. There are plenty of fun moments throughout this season like many of the previous ones where their arguments go on while they are in a shootout, high-speed chase, or hostage situation. 

The rest of the gang is all there. Cheryl Tunt, voiced by Judy Greer, still has strange fetishes and lives her spoiled, lazy life. Pam Poovey, voiced by Amber Nash, still tough as hell. Adam Reed plays Ray Gillette, half human, half cyborg. Jessica Walter from Arrested Development plays Archer's mother drinking away and spending all the money the agency earns. Lucky Yates voiced Dr. Krueger who is still performing wacky experiments.

The two other big cameos in this season are Keegan-Michael Key and J. K. Simmons as the FBI detectives trying to get to the bottom of all the murders occurring around the bumbling detectives. This show is so funny and I would recommend it to anyone who has an edgy sense of humor that spares no one. From the heavy-drinking to the sexual promiscuity, Archer shows just how absurd the spy drama has become.  

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