Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TV Premiere: Feed the Beast

AMC tackles the travails of the restaurant industry with Jim Sturgess and David Schwimmer as the lead cast members. Schwimmer plays Tommy Moran, a single father of a silent son and a wine salesman. Sturgess plays his best friend Dion Patras, a coke addict cook who is fresh out of prison and on the run from the mob. The young Elijah Jacob gets a chance to shine as the mute son of Schwimmer's Tommy. 

Facing serious debt but with an ability to cook, Patras insists on getting back in the business using the spot where Moran now lives. Flashbacks reveal that they once ran a restaurant together but hard times on both the friends left the old business burned down but no insurance coming since it was the fault of Patras.

Michael Gladis of Mad Men plays the Tooth Fairy with a sinister sneer and several henchman to search through the garbage in chase of Patras. Eventually, he catches up, and Patras can only save his neck by proposing a new place to run the business. The show looks like it could be fun with the two friends struggling to keep a restaurant afloat while they deal with their collective problems. John Doman showed up briefly in the pilot as Tommy's father, and it is suggested that he could be the one to fund the project.

The show could struggle by falling into a more mob-like tv show, which is already way too common on television, it will also have to avoid becoming a fictional cooking show leaving viewers salivating at the end and not carrying about characters. AMC has had a good run but hasn't always succeeded with duds like Fear the Walking Dead, Turn, and others. With the judgment still out on Preacher, it will be interesting to see if this can be a breakout hit for its two stars and the channel.

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