Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sports: MLB (June 2016)

The Major League Baseball 2016 season approaches the halfway point and after that, the games will become a lot more competitive as teams fight to stay on top. To mark the middle, the all-star game will be played in mid-July. I managed to vote several times for players that are on my favorite teams: the Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds. I also chose players with top stats in batting average, homeruns, and RBIs. I'll start with the National League first for my analysis.

National League
The Washington National continue to dominate the NL East much to my chagrin. The Miami Marlins actually pulled ahead of the last years NL Champ, the New York Mets, and would make it to the Wild Card at the moment. The Philadelphia Phillies are bad, but not as terrible as the stinking Braves.

The Chicago Cubs are having a historic season for their franchise and the league as they are eleven games up on the closest team, the St. Louis Cardinals. The rest of the teams, the Brewers, the Pirates, and especially the Reds would need a miracle to come back. 

My prediction for the World Series winner is the San Francisco Giants at this point in the season. It is an even year of this decade so I'm not going against the tradition set by this west coast team. At the top of the Wild Card and five games back are the Los Angeles Dodgers, another impressive force to be reckoned with in the NL. The Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Padres aren't putting up much of a fight.

American League

The Texas Rangers are impressing me in what has always been a far off and odd division for me. The Rangers are 8.5 games up on their fellow Texas team, the Houston Astros. The Mariners, Athletics, and Angels aren't looking too good currently.

Possibly running off of their basketball counterpart, the Cleveland Indians took the lead over the reigning champs, the Kansas City Royals. The Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox are still in the Wild Card race while the Minnesota Twins are competing for the worst team in the league.

The Baltimore Orioles have a comfortable 5 game lead over the Boston Red Sox but I'll be surprised if that lasts. The Toronto Blue Jays  are bearing down at 8 games back but the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Ryas would need a streak to get back into playoff contentions. 

Each team leads their division by at least five games so it may be a pretty accurate depiction of what the playoffs are going to look like. I'm excited to see who is picked for the All-Star game and see the best players in each division face off. 

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