Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Politics: The Final Primaries

The final count is nearly done and though there is still Washington D. C., the race is over. Hillary Clinton made history last night becoming the first woman to be the nominee of a major political party. I am still under the impression she will triumph in November but it will be a long general election campaign. I'll take a quick look back at these final primaries and one caucus to look at how Bernie Sanders went down and how Donald Trump ends his domination of the Republican Party.

California was the main reason that I didn't post last night because the results wouldn't come into until late, and it is also the reason that Bernie Sanders held out. He hoped to pull off a surprise victory in this large state to take his momentum to the Democratic National Convention but alas, that was not the case. Clinton won by about four hundred thousand votes or twelve percent. Not that it matters but Trump won by a million votes adding to his impressive vote count.

Though the AP announced it the night before, Clinton counted New Jersey as the state that would officially put her over the required number. This small northeastern state served as the straw that cracked the Sanders's campaign's back. Despite the geography, Sanders got crushed losing by nearly thirty percent. Trump also carried this state, obviously.

 North Dakota is one of the two states that Bernie Sanders actually won last night. It has the characteristics of a state that went for Sanders as a Midwestern state that doesn't have much diversity. It is an interesting case study because it is a caucus and not a primary. North Dakota didn't have a Republican Caucus for some reason.

During my failed trip across the country, I actually saw Mount Rushmore, which is about all this state has to offer other than oil drills and reservations. I didn't give it a chance and I hope to go back one day. Anyways, Clinton won this primary and adds to her lead. Needless to say, Trump also won.

Montana was the other state that went to Bernie Sanders, also in the Midwest. It was not enough to gain him the victory. Trump took all the delegates too.

New Mexico was the final state of the night that went for both of the frontrunners. I wonder if these states will be in play when the general election comes about due to incendiary comments from the Republican nominee.

So despite D.C., the primary season is pretty much over. It looks like Bernie Sanders will drop out once the nation's capital has a chance to vote. It will be interesting how and when he drops out since he will be seeking party unity and Clinton will want to have his voters come over to the party. She made her first appeal to his supporters with her historic speech last night. 

Donald Trump faced a rough week with statements about the judge investing his Trump University and many in the Republican establishment turning against him. The speech he made last night was awkward, and it was obvious he was peeking over at the teleprompter he promised never to use. 

I may make one more post when D. C. votes and then post during the party conventions. The general election will be interesting and I will be watching closely for one huge national post in November!

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