Monday, June 6, 2016

Movie Review: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

The Lonely Island crew return to the big screen. It has been some years since Andy Sandberg's starring role Hotrod. His star power has ebbed and flowed over the year and from the abysmal box office performance of this first film's opening weekend, it looks like he can't carry a summer movie to a large profit. Despite the low performance, Popstar is a decently funny film.

Sandberg extends a Saturday Night Live skit into Connor4Real, a clueless pop icon on the verge of releasing his second solo album and recording a documentary. The story hints a lot oat Sandberg's other two Lonely Island bandmates Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. Early in Connor's career, the group formed the StyleBoyz and became popular from a ridiculous dance known as the DonkeyRoll. 

There are so many celebrity cameos in this film from Nas to Simon Cowell to DJ Khaled to Usher a funny little CMZ, a mock of TMZ, skit featuring Will Arnett and other funny actors. Justin Timberlake shows up as the band chef in a pretty hilarious cameo. Sarah Silverman plays the Connor's publicist and has some pretty funny lines ridiculing the self-centered nature of the popular music industry. Tim Meadows is also really funny as the band's manager and former saxophone player.

The plot slows down as the storyline follows the typical fall of a popstar and eventually attempt to get the band back together. Chris Redd shines during this part as Hunter the Hungry, an over-the-top rapper spitting ridiculous, nihilistic lyrics. The film does capture the vapid nature of today's celebrities quite well but refrains from making too harsh a statement about the rich and famous.

Popstar is full of laughs if you are skilled at turning your brain off for about two hours. The story capitalizes on Sandberg's ability to betray a shallow and ignorant celebrity and the Lonely Island's talent at making ridiculous and worthy of a few chuckles pseudo pop songs. I wouldn't run out to the theater for this film, though I did, but fans of comedy might find some enjoyment in the feature. 

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