Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Movie Review: Central Intelligence

The combination of wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and comedian Kevin Hart proves a winning formula in this laugh out loud summer release. Hart plays accountant Calvin Joyner who was once popular back in high school lending his varsity jacket to a bullied CGI overweight Johnson as Robby Weirdicht aka Bob Stone. This event has repercussions twenty years later as Hart's Joyner has become disaffected in his professional life and having trouble in his marriage. Bob Stone shows up right before the twenty-year high school reunion and he has packed on the muscles from working out six hours everyday for twenty years.

Stone also has become a CIA agent and involves who he believes is his best friend, the accountant Joyner. Hart is great as the reluctant accomplice caught up in a case of international espionage that doesn't have much of a background focusing more on jokes. There are a few spots where the action pauses to let Hart deliver long comedic monologues that don't always hit as great as his standup does and slows down the plot but the comedy is greatly enhanced by The Rock's giddy performance. As a once peculiar kid, Johnson embodies the bullied kid Weirdicht who has now become a tough international spy.

The action was decent with some silly stunts and several gunfights. In this day, it is often hard to see guns in a professional office like one action scene but audiences have to suspend their worries to enjoy these scenes though with more recent events and the tragic history of this country, it is becoming increasingly hard. 

The CIA plot was much but Amy Ryan was great as the lead investigator Agent Pamela Harris. Someone should give her her own movie. There are plenty of other great cameos including Aaron Paul, Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy and Thomas Krestschmann. The movie had a pretty decent set of twists involving the friendship between Hart's and Johnson's characters.

 For a mindless comedy, it's pretty decent. The movie utilizes its stars, and from the box office results, it looks to be a somewhat successful film. Hart and Johnson are bonafide superstars at this point proving they can carry a movie to success. 

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