Sunday, May 8, 2016

TV Show Review: Vikings Season 4.1

The fourth season of History Channel's violent Viking epic continues to tell the tale of King Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel who will be in the upcoming Warcraft movie, after his assault on Paris. In the first half of the fourth season, Ragnar has left his brother Rollo, played by Clive Standen, in ancient France to make political maneuvers but it turns out his brother, who has always had a bad relationship with his more powerful brother, has sided with the French, married the emperor's daughter, and pledged to defend the city against the Vikings.

Floki, played by Gustaf Skarsgård, reaps the punishment of killing Ragnar's friend the priest. Floki has always been a bit crazy but the torture he endures in this season helps to push him over the edge. Still, he manages to make it through the battles throughout the episodes in his dark eye shadow with the help of the gods.

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) has moved on since her separation from Ragnar to her own fiefdom but she faces usurpers, which she eventually exposes and destroys for their betrayal. She is pregnant but still demands to take part in the second invasion of Paris as a tough shieldmaiden. Lagertha eventually loses the child as predicted by the prophet, but still, she goes on to fight and eventually gets stabbed pretty badly though the wound was not immediately fatal.

There were plenty of other areas of scheming as the show strives to touch on various geographical areas of the Vikings' conquests but I wasn't always following as best I could as the show has the habit of getting a bit too into the political dealings of various regions. I thought the battles were some of the best though nothing compares to the storming of the city last season, it was interesting to see.

The midseason finale jumped forward after the failed second attempt to invade Paris. Ragnar has recovered from his opiate addiction and retreated into the wilderness only to return to confront his now grown sons. Bjorn Lothbrok played by Alexander Ludwig has grown older and become sort of a leader in his own right. It looks like he will try to find the Mediterranean sea next. I look forward to when the show comes back and picks up where it has left off.

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