Sunday, May 15, 2016

TV Show Review: The Last Man on Earth (Season 2)

Tandy and the crew wrapped up their second season tonight with a huge cliffhanger and some touching moment. Comedic postapocalyptic is one of my favorite subgenre and Phil Miller, played by Will Forte, does all that anyone would want to do if everyone in the world was suddenly gone. The second season picks up after Phil and Carol Pilbasian, played by the hilarious Kristen Schaal, had left the group in Tucson.

The funding must have increased because this season they had the ability to show a jet driving down the middle of a city street and even spent the night in the White House. There were plenty of hilarious occurrences as these two brilliant actors played off of one another. However, Tandy wants to get back with the group.

The rest of the group, including Melissa Shart (January Jones of Madmen), Todd (Mel Rodriguez), Erica (Cleopatra Coleman), Gail (Mary Steenburgen of Back to the Future 3), and the other Phil Miller (Boris Kodjoe), has moved to Malibu and leave in a nice beach house. It takes a while for Phil, now Tandy, to ingratiate himself with the group. Tandy has a way of making an easy situation much harder than it has to be. Hilarity ensues.

The other addition to this show was Tandy's brother, the astronaut Mike Miller, played by Jason Sudeikis. Mike plays some hilarious pranks but also messes with Tandy's standing. Eventually, the brothers make up and get along but the disease still holds a presence as they try to figure out the ways of the world. The pratfalls of survival in the post-apocalypse have never been so funny with a secret stash of bacon and all the wine Gail could drink. They are also trying to produce babies to start the new world.

This show is available on Hulu, all episodes I think, that's where I caught up. I would recommend this comedy very highly. Forte is great and has made a very amusing character in Phil Tandy Miller. All of the other actors bring a certain humor that had me laughing out loud. I am looking forward to the third season next year!

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