Sunday, May 22, 2016

TV Show Review: Fear the Walking Dead (Season 2.1)

The first half of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead brought the family from Los Angeles a long way over dangerous waters. The theme of this season was "No Safe Harbor", and it was especially interesting because we have not seen the world of The Walking Dead deal with the ocean. There was no shortage of underwater zombie action and deadly beach encounters.

The acting isn't great but I do enjoy the characters in this spinoff show from Strand played by Colman Domingo who lost himself to cowardice and grief to Nick played by Frank Dillane who learned how to cover himself in blood to hide from the undead. The crew survive a boarding by pirates and eventually made it to a not so safe sanctuary in Mexico.

One of the greatest parts of this show is seeing another country being affected by the outbreak that brings about the apocalypse. The original series didn't much outside of Georgia and then Washington D. C., and this spinoff show has followed through by showing what happened on the West coast though much further South than I had anticipated. I enjoyed how they included the mini story of the plane crash and explained what happened to the survivors. I hope we see Alex in the future.

Travis played by Cliff Curtis struggles to keep his family together and alive though they never seem to find a safe place. Madison played by Kim Dickens is constantly worried and now she not only has to fear zombies but her own family as well. Chris played by Lorenzo James Henrie has really started to lose his mind threatening the family and stranger's children. He feels a lot of guilt for losing his mother and not killing pirates that boarded their ship. Daniel played Rubén Blades does not trust anyone even if they help him escape the threat of zombies. The addition of Celia played by Marlene Forte changed the show and she is one of the great villains of this zombie show making up for the relatively weak pirates. The gang ends all split up and it will be interesting to see what happens in the second half of this season later this summer.

They rehashed some old arguments like are zombies still alive and what is the best way to dispose of people that are dying. Zombies certainly pose some interesting questions about humanity, which I guess is why these shows have become so sustained and popular. 

I recently read the third compendium so I have some theories about how the series will connect. If you don't want to read any spoiler for what may be coming, I would quit reading. The graphic novel story has finally made it out to the ocean after winning several tough battles. The crew has started to explore the sea. Michonne has become especially skilled at going out for a long time on a ship. I think this could bring her in contact with the new family and connect all of these stories for one big Walking Dead Universe!

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