Monday, May 30, 2016

TV Premiere: Scream (Season 2)

MTV's horror spinoff of the acclaimed slasher film series returns for a second season. The story picks up a bit after the horrifying and traumatic events of the first season murders. Emma played by Willa Fitzgerald has returned from a recovery retreat to her friends. New characters are introduced to serve as new victims for a new killer that begins stalking the survivors of Lakewood.

Scream is pretty silly, with terrible acting and questionable choices by all the characters, but it's a sort of guilty pleasure after catching up on the first season on Netflix. The show doesn't hold back on the gore trying to get away with as much as they can while still being on a cable channel like MTV. The classic whodunit is enough to keep viewers guessing about who the killer actually is.

The new season promises to resolve the leftover cliffhanger from the first season but with added fame to all of the victims it will be difficult to hide from the killer. Noah Foster, played by John Karna, serves as the meta-nerd who predicts the horror movie cliches in a feeble attempt to avoid them. Bex Taylor-Klaus plays Audrey Jensen, the tough lesbian who now works in a movie theater. She starts to receive prank calls that could possibly be from the killer.

A strange prank kicks off this first episode and leads to clues of a third troll that might be the new killer. There is also the nearly invincible Brooke Maddox played by Carlson Young who is equal part ditzy and popular girl who has taken up with Jake Fitzgerald played by Tom Maden. Jake is one of the first to fall in danger in this first season. The heartthrob Kieran, played by Amadeus Serafini, also plays some part as he tries to reignite his relationship with Emma. 

This strangely appealing show has garnered attention from a young audience despite coming on an hour before midnight. I have found some appeal to the show since the slasher genre has not had a lot of recent play in theaters. I always liked the original Scream film and the sequels weren't so terrible. I'm looking forward to what will happen this second season. 

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