Sunday, May 22, 2016

TV Premiere: Preacher

I was a big fan of the graphic novel and when I heard news that Preacher was going to be adapted into a television show on AMC, I wasn't totally sure how they would do it but I was still excited. I saw the first episode this Sunday night and immediately saw that the creator Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were taking this story in a different direction than Garth Ennis's tale.

Preacher the show starts out with introducing the residents of Annville including Jesse Custer played by Dominic Cooper. Major plot points remain the same but other things seem wholly different. It looks they are combining stuff from several points from different parts of the story and combining them all into the first season. It also looks like their budget was small so they have made some adjustments and made some interesting, and funny, choices to the special effects.

Tulip O'Hare played by Ruth Negga is a badass and starts the series beating up a bunch of bad guys before building a bazooka with kids and blowing up even more bad guys. Cassidy played by Joseph Gilgun is barely comprehensible with his thick Irish brogue and starts off taking out vampire hunters on a plane. The action looks great, and I look forward to more fight scenes. It does look like a good combination of action and comedy much like the comic book. I thought Arseface played by Ian Colletti also looked interesting though he was much more disgusting on the page.

AMC looks to have another violent hit based off of a graphic novel on their hands so I'm pleased that it is getting an adaption. I will withhold judgement until I see more of what these series has to offer. I'm curious where the story will go since things look like they are forging a path all of their own. The story could go a lot of places if it follows the story but they are planning to drag it out for quite some time and possibly get through several seasons.

Jesse did receive the power of the Genesis, a spawn of a demon and angel, though I don't know if they will show the scenes of heaven and hell just yet. It does look like they have introduced the angels that are on the road trying to track the supreme being down. The show does not skimp on the violence and has found some unique ways to deal out death to the villains. With a mix of familiar and new, Preacher should be a lot of fun for its first season!

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