Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Politics: West Virginia Primaries and Nebraska

Despite the winding down of the primary campaign, there are still several states left to cast a vote including West Virginia for both parties and Nebraska for the Republicans. Tonight Bernie Sanders gained another victory to continue his ailing campaign as he took an about 15% voter lead in West Virginia over Hillary Clinton. As the only candidate left in the Republican party, Donald Trump took both West Virginia and Nebraska.

Trump can use this victory to gain more media attention that he was still getting as he contemplates who he will pick for the Vice President. The story that is still interesting in this campaign is Hillary Clinton facing opponents on both sides. The question is whether Sanders's win will hurt Clinton or if it will allow him more of an opportunity to launch attacks at Trump.

The election season is slowly transferring to the general election but Sanders holds out as Trump gains momentum or whatever and continues to push his strange message. Elizabeth Warren jumped into the fray on social media against Trump so I found that interesting as she is a possible pick for Vice President when Clinton finally achieves the nomination, though I don't think she is a likely pick. The next speculation will be for Vice Presidential picks, so far we have already had one from the joke of a Ted Cruz campaign but soon we will have the party nominee's picks, at least with Trump. I will try to keep writing about this election as development come about in the future. 

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