Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Politics: Kentucky and Oregon Primaries

My home state had the chance to vote today but due to some extraneous circumstances, I wasn't able to show up at my polling place to cast my own ballot. I understand that this makes me an unreliable citizen and I can be the reason this country heads towards a bad direction, but the difference was much larger than one vote and I am a firm believer that Election Day should be a National Holiday. Anyone who doesn't think that doesn't want people to vote, and they are wrong.

At this point, Kentucky is still too close to call. It looks like Hillary Clinton has pulled out a victory by half a percentage point with ninety-nine percent of the polls reporting. Clinton can use these 55 delegates or the half that she gets to continue to push her victory but Bernie Sanders is continuing to push this close loss as another triumph  in a campaign that was counted out early. My home county was a difference of three thousand votes so that helps me when I justify the insignificance of my votes. I don't want to get too deep into conspiracy theories.

Oregon still hasn't been called either. Right now as I write, Sanders is up by 5% of the vote. The West is where Bernie plans to make his last stand in this tough and long primary. California will be huge if Sanders surges but all of the analysis still seems to count him out. What will be interesting is that if Sanders pushes for a contested convention. The Sanders supporters threw a fit in Nevada after the State Democratic Convention got out of line. The rhetoric is heating up and Donald Trump looks to siphon off as much of those supporters as he can. I'll have to update this tomorrow when the results are finally counted.

While Sanders hope to turn these victories and close losses into momentum, Clinton and Trump prepare to face off against one another. I think this will be a very interesting matchup but I'm still predicting that Clinton will win. Sanders turns his attacks on Trump and I can't actually see many of his supporters voting for a Republican candidate.

In other news around Kentucky, it looks like the Senate race will between the Republican incumbent Rand Paul against the mayor of Lexington Jim Gray. For the House Seat here in Lexington, Nancy Jo Kemper will face incumbent Andy Barr. These races were all blowouts and I simply wasn't informed enough to cast a smart ballot so perhaps it was best that I sat out of this primary. I've never voted in a presidential election since I have been eligible and I kept the streak alive!

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