Sunday, May 15, 2016

NBA Playoffs 2016 Conference Finals

The Eastern and Western Conference Finals begin May 16 with four of the top teams in the NBA competing to play in the NBA Finals. 

The Eastern Conference Finals are between the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron James and his team will compete against Kyle Lowry for a chance at the top spot. I predict that the Cavaliers will return to the NBA Finals again this year. 
Game 1: The Cavaliers crush the Raptors in the first game with a 31-point win. Lebron James got 24 points but Kyrie Irving scored 3 more with 27. Toronto has a tough time ahead facing Cleveland who has crushed teams from this Eastern Conference both last year and this year.
Game 2: The Cavaliers continued their domination beating the Raptors by 19 points. Cleveland heads to Toronto for the next part of what looks like a very brief series.
Game 3: The Raptors take their first home game with a 15-point win against the Cavaliers. Toronto has another home game to attempt to tie the series before facing Cleveland back at home.
Game 4: The Raptors used their home field advantage again and beat the Cavaliers by six points. The series returns to Cleveland where Toronto will try to pull ahead in the series.
Game 5: With home-field advantage restored, the Cavaliers return to their dominating status blowing out the Raptors by 38 points. Toronto has a chance to tie Cleveland at home but it is not looking good for the one team north of the border. 
Game 6: The Cavaliers advance to the NBA finals after beating the Raptors by 26 points. Cleveland won the series by four games to two against Toronto and wins the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Western Conference Finals are between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry and his team will face Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and their team. The Thunder upset the Spurs and hope for another upset with the Warriors. Curry is still recovering from injuries so he may not be as strong as before. I think the Warriors will repeat as I predicted before but I didn't see the Thunder upset the Spurs so I'm kind of rooting for them to have another upset in this series and go on to the finals.
Game 1: The Oklahoma City Thunder make a great comeback after being down 17 points to win the game by 8 points against the Golden State Warriors. Russell Westbrook held his composure with 27 total points and performing a lot better in the second half. 
Game 2: Golden State bounces back and takes a 27-point victory against Oklahoma City. The Warriors and Stephen Curry are now tied with the Thunder as they head to Oklahoma for the next game. 
Game 3: With home field advantage, the Thunder takes off and wins big by 28 points against the Warriors. Oklahoma City can really pull away with another win at home and be up by three games to one against the former champs Golden State.
Game 4: Oklahoma City wins yet another game, this time by 24 points against Golden State. The Thunder only need one more victory at home to beat the Warriors and head to the NBA Finals.
Game 5: Golden State capitalizes on home-field advantage and survives to play another game against Oklahoma City with a 9 point win. The Warriors will have to play at the Thunder's home court next and will have to win there before closing it out at home.
Game 6: The Warriors survive another game with a 7-point win against the Thunder. Golden State heads home to face Oklahoma City in the final game of the series.
Gam4 7: With an 8-point win, the Warriors take the victory away from the Thunder. Golden State advances over Oklahoma City to win the Western Finals and advance to the NBA Finals against their previous opponent from last year, the Cavaliers. The Warriors have a chance to repeat their championship run from last year. 

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