Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sports: MLB May 2016

As the baseball season progresses, I find that some of my predictions have been way off and my two favorite teams have sunk to the bottom of the standing. There are some surprises this season and I will still be watching to find out which teams will make it to the World Series.

American League
One prediction I made that has panned out so far is the Boston Red Sox. The American League East is an interesting division and anything could still happen. The Red Sox have managed to pull ahead of the Baltimore Orioles by two games as they play them in road series. Only five games behind are the Toronto Blue Jays, with the New York Yankees at 6.5, and the Tampa Bay Rays at 8 games back.

If I just looked at these two divisions, my predictions look pretty damn good, but the American League Central is another close division to watch. The Cleveland Indians are only a game and a half back and right behind them with 2 games back are the Chicago White Sox. Even the Detroit Tigers at fourth in the division are four games back. Only the Minnesota Twins have dropped back to 13 games behind and dwindling chances of competition. 

The American League West is in a dead heat between the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers. The Houston Astors and the Los Angeles Angels are only seven games back and the Oakland Athletics are only 7.5 back. A lot could still happen in this division with a lot of the season left.

National League
The National League East has two top contenders in the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets only a game behind. The Philadelphia Phillies and Miami Marlins are only 4.5 games back while the Atlanta Braves are piddling around at the bottom 15 games back. The Braves have already lost their coach from their terrible performance and are not showing much promise.

In the NL Central, the Chicago Cubs are dominating the entire Major League with a 35-14 record. The Pittsburgh Pirates are the closest team to have a chance while the St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, and Cincinnati Reds are not showing signs of life this early in the season.

I'll keep saying it all season, it's an even year so the San Fransisco Giants could continue their dominance this decade and they now rest as the stop spot in the NL West. The LA Dodgers are the closest team with 4.5 games back. None of the other teams look like they're going to have much to say about the even year champions.

That's my assessment of the 2016 Major League Baseball season at the end of May. I'll be watching those close divisions and check back in a month from now to see how the standings have changed.
Also All-Star voting has begun and goes until the end of June. I'm planning on voting several times based mostly on statistics and a slight bias towards my favorite teams.

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