Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sports: MLB April 2016

Major League Baseball has completed its first month and some teams have shown they are ready to take the lead while others have lagged behind and stuck around at the bottom. My Atlanta Braves had one of the worst starts I've ever season for the National League team losing their first nine games. It is surprising they are getting a new stadium and will definitely have to rebuild throughout the year. The other team I was watching closely was the Cincinnati Reds but they have not done well either. 

The Chicago Cubs have separated themselves from the pack in the Central Division and also become the top team in the National League. They look good with a 17-5 record but are losing in the extra tenth inning to my Braves as I write this post. The Cubs look like the team to beat in the National League. The Pirates and possibly the Cardinals are going to be Chicago's biggest challenges in their division.

The Washington Nationals have taken the lead in the East division and are second in the National league. Bryce Harper and his team are only two games behind in the loss category but could be the best team by the end of the season. The Mets and Phillies also have good records in the NL East. 

It's an even year so it is impossible to count out the San Francisco Giants who have made a playoff run and won the World Series ever other year so far this decade. Right behind them are the Los Angels Dodgers and Colorado and Arizona are still in there.

I was always a fan of the Southside team during my brief time spent in Chicago so I'm glad to see the White Sox leading the AL Central. The Sox may get some trouble from Detroit and Kansas City but they've got a decent lead for the first month.

The Texas Rangers have pulled ahead in the AL West but the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics still have a close record right behind them. 

The Baltimore Orioles are tied with the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. It is weird to see the New York Yankees at the bottom of the standings with Toronto and Tampa Bay still contenders for the top spot.

That's a quick look at the standings and teams of the 2016 baseball season after the first month of April. I look forward to seeing what happens from here!

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