Saturday, May 28, 2016

Magazine Review: Apex Magazine Issue 84

A great edition of Apex Magazine came out this month with adventure, time-travel, and strange new lands to explore. The poetry was funny and enjoyable to read and all the short fiction was entertaining and made me think long after the first read. Also included inside this issue is an author interview, an interview with the artist of this amazing cover, and an essay about all the writers of Apex magazine short stories.

"1957" by Stephen Cox definitely deserves two reads, which is convenient because the podcast is also available for a listen as well. It bends time and shows alternate dimensions and left me totally bewildered after the first read. This story is for readers who like a challenge in their short fiction.

"Cottage Country" by David K. Yeh does not depict a friendly, bucolic fantasy realm one might expect from the title but dangerous sidhe that have lost their way. Mixed in with flashbacks of an old familial relationship, this story is both exciting and moving for any who have dealt with conflicting relationships or hostile fairies.

"The Behemoth Beaches" by Maggie Slate really had me thinking by the end. I actually had to go back and read the last few paragraphs, I was so unsure of the ending. A great story about hostile marine life that is stranger and scarier than one might imagine.

"The Drowned Celestial" by Lavie Tidhar is a great Venusian adventure that has a lot to offer. I enjoyed this story immensely. It is packed with action, adventure, and great world-building for a novella. It appeared in the George R. R. Martin edited short story collection, Old Venus.  I'm very interested in checking Tidhar's other work including A Man Lies Dreaming and the newly released Central Station.

Sci-fi poetry is some of my favorite type of poetry. "Before the Empire Goes Inter-Galactic" by Ken Poyner is one of my favorites. I recently read and reviewed Freeze/Thaw by Chris Bucholz and highly recommend this novel to fans of fun science fiction adventures. Another great issue to read over Memorial Day weekend and I'm excited to see what they have next month!

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