Tuesday, May 10, 2016

KY Lottery #3: Make My Day/Week/Month/Year

After a round of losses we took a brief break from testing what so far has proven to not be much luck. I did avoid betting on the Kentucky Derby and since I would never pick a front runner to greedily increase my winnings, it was a good thing because the favored Nyquist won the race.

Suffering from a bit of withdrawal, we splurged with our recent winnings and bought four tickets for a twenty dollar value: a ten dollar Make My Year, a five dollar Make My Month, a two dollar Make My Week, and a one dollar Make My Day. We scratched these off with some anticipation think that at least we could win something. We had also researched on the Kentucky Lottery website to see which tickets still had large winners and Make My Month was on there.

We didn't win anything, nothing, just wasted $20 dollars. Needless to say, this meant a long break from playing the lottery. We had been coasting off of small wins or minor losses to keep us going but this was the greatest defeat yet. At the least, I thought we would win a free ticket but we had broken the simple rules and splurged and that did not pay off. It will be a while before we pick up another lottery ticket with a great deal of skepticism. 

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