Friday, May 13, 2016

Graphic Novel Review; The Walking Dead Compendium 3

The Walking Dead continues its run as a comic book series and I meant to get to this Compendium much earlier. The story picks up right as the group has encountered the Hilltop settlement and agreed to fight against the Saviors, led by the notorious Negan. The show is right in the middle of the first part of this Compendium so if you don't want spoilers, I would not encourage you to continue reading.

I think Negan is the best villain yet created in The Walking Dead universe, for both the show and comics. The casting was great to capture the smart talking yet ruthless leader. Negan cusses a lot more in the books because the show could just not get away with the dirty things he says. The awful scene where Negan chooses a victim is just as intense as it was on the show and in the comic the victim turns out to be Glenn. The image is disturbing,and the artists did not hold back when depicting this beloved characters demise.

The war against Negan grows exponentially as Rick tries to defend his tribe against this large group of villain. These chapters are certainly some of the most exciting in the entire series and many characters lose their lives. One of the most exciting additions is the Kingdom led by Ezekiel and his tiger. This kingdom joins with a portion of the hilltop and the crew from Alexandria to take on Negan. Carl makes some questionable decisions but manages to survive. Jesus became a more developed character and is becoming one of my new favorites.

I thought the war would never come to an end but after a large number of casualties Rick and the gang finally survive the scourge of the Saviors. They don't totally eliminate them and Rick's choice to not kill Negan is crucial to the final two chapters. The relationship between Rick and Andrea is strained in this version though in the television show this relationship is between Rick and Michonne. In the books, Michonne is in a relationship with Ezekiel that has some interesting consequences.

The whisperers are a great next step. I was wondering how the books would follow such a great villain and they did a great job. I was also worried they would resort to talking zombies but was glad to find that that was not the case. The Walking Dead has some of the best cliffhangers, and Compendium 3 does not disappoint. I know this was a quite a spoiler filled review but there are still plenty of details to discover and any Walking Dead fan should want to pick up these collections to see how the story varies and all the materials the showrunners have to work with in the future. This book has me very excited for the next season, the seventh, which could easily be the best one yet!

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