Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Book Review: Southern Haunts Part 2- Devils in the Darkness

I was glad I received this particular review copy of the Southern Haunts short story collection because demons are a particular favorite of mine in the horror genre. The second collection of Southern Haunts short stories revolves around deals with the devil, demonic possessions, and plenty of other encounters with pure evil. From backwoods, to rivers, to swamps and bayous, demons have a way of showing up and it is so interesting to see the various takes from all the authors.

I found myself looking over my shoulder through several of the stories with great depictions of horror. I especially like how in many of these stories the themes were that no one can escape this evil and get the better of the devil pulling from strong Southern superstition intermingled within the deeps roots of religion in this area. With this being the South, there could have been even more terrible demons considering the history of the people who have lived here. Still, many of the story explore heritage and legacy taking prompts and themes from old legends passed down from generations.

The stories ranged from YA to adult but all hit the theme of demons or evil, some were just straight horror with the accompanying gore while others had morals and lessons that played out with the characters interactions with the paranormal. Some were straight fiction while others had a hint of truth, nearly everyone hits on something scary about this particular idea of demons.

I haven't had a chance to enjoy the other two Southern Haunts series but from this one, I would recommend this series to horror readers who seek out those stories that just can't be explained yet unite our conscious and innate fear as human beings. I would like to see more perspectives of the South as this series continues to publish short fiction from this region. 

About the Editors:

Alexander S. Brown is a Mississippi author who was published in 2008 with his first book Traumatized. Reviews for this short story collection were so favorable that it has been released as a special edition by Pro Se Press. Brown is currently one of the co-editors/coordinators with the Southern Haunts Anthologies published by Seventh Star Press. His horror novel Syrenthia Falls is represented by Dark Oak Press. He is also the author of multiple young adult steampunk stories found in the Dreams of Steam Anthologies, Capes and Clockwork Anthologies, and the anthology Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells. His more extreme works can be found in the anthologies Luna’s Children published by Dark Oak Press and State of Horror: Louisiana Vol 1 published by Charon Coin Press. Visit Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com to download his monthly short stories known as Single Shots. These are represented by Pro Se Press and they are known as stories that will be featured in the upcoming book The Night the Jack O’Lantern Went Out.

Louise Myers was born in New Orleans and during her teenage years was uprooted from everything she knew and was replanted in Mississippi. Though the transition was difficult, she is very glad to have the opportunity to have both worlds under her belt. She says this because she knows from living in both places, they are both a world all to their own. She is the wife of a wonderful husband and mother of three beautiful children, as well as the proud parent of a spoiled mutt. She was assistant editor of Southern Haunts: Spirits That Walk Among Us, co-editor of Southern Haunts 2: Devils in the Darkness, and co-editor of Southern Haunts 3: Magick Beneath the Moonlight. She is a beta reader, book doctor, editor, and author. Though this is her second story in print, she has been weaving tales for many years for pleasure. She has many thoughts on several topics she’d like to write, mostly surrounding ghost stories.

Magick Beneath the Moonlight: Deep within the South, read about the magickal folk who haunt the woods, the cemeteries, and the cities. Within this grim anthology, eighteen authors will spellbind you with tales of hoodoo, voodoo, and witchcraft. From this cauldron mix, readers will explore the many dangers lurking upon the Natchez Trace and in the Mississippi Delta. They will encounter a bewitched doll named Robert from the Florida Keys, and a cursed trunk that is better left closed. In the backstreets of New Orleans, they will become acquainted with scorned persons who will stop at nothing to exact their revenge.

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