Sunday, April 3, 2016

TV Show Review: The Walking Dead (Season 6.2)

I'm still a little breathless from the final episode of what has been an intense sixth season of the hit zombie show. The second half of the season started off with a crazy invasion of walkers into the walled town of Alexandria. Rick played by Andrew Lincoln was faced with the loss of his new romantic interest in Jesse and her son as they were devoured by the herd.

Fearing the loss of his son Carl, Rick went out took out as many as he could with an ax and gun. The whole crew got in on the action and proved their toughness. Only a tougher challenge could take them out and the second season took its sweet time to getting around to the highlight of the season, Negan.

This season was plagued with poor decisions by the crew, from Carol running off at the end, to Rick and Daryl losing a whole truck of food. It often seemed like the writers were forcing problems instead of just having the crew work against the attacks of the apocalyptic world. 

There was no shortage of gore in this season, I am a bit spoiled with zombie mess in this day and age.  They have been pretty creative with the violence in this series and I appreciate the effort they put into the special effects. The most recent Red Rover chained zombies was pretty sick.

I liked Eugene a lot in this season played by Josh McDermitt. He did have to bite someone in the balls earlier. The appearance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan was such an intense scene it made the whole season. Many of these shows had a slow middle and were topped off with some cliffhangers at the end. Viewers will have to wait a long summer to until October when it comes back when it is revealed who is the victim of that brutal baseball bat attack!

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