Sunday, April 3, 2016

TV Show Review: Shameless (Season 6)

This review will really encompass the entire six seasons of Shameless since I binged all the episodes early this month when I first got my Showtime subscription. Based on a British show of the same name, the adventures of the Gallagher family have taken some surprising twist and turns through the south side of Chicago. It is hard to review the complexities of this show but I think I'll just take it character by character until I feel like I have done this genius show justice.

I'll have to start with Frank, the drunken patron of the Gallagher family. Frank is probably the most despicable person, and it is a testament to the brilliant actor William H. Macy that somehow he is still likable. Just when I think Frank has achieved an all time low, he does some wholly grotesque and hilarious to push it over the edge. There is no justice that that could ever make up for all of Frank's wrongdoings. He was especially bad in this season's finale causing the end of Fiona's wedding.

Fiona is forced to take the maternal role of the family as the oldest sister. Despite this responsibility, Fiona often makes decisions that are just frustrating for a character that viewers root for so passionately. Her choice in men has been disastrous and her latest relationship is no better. She always seemed to rebound after being knocked down and I'm sure she will again. Emmy Rossum shows her skill as an actress in every episode and should receive more recognition for her work.

A quick detour to Kev and Vee, Kevin and Veronica, and their bar the Alibi. These two are probably my favorite and the funniest characters in the show. Their recent story line of including a Russian prostitute in the family is so funny.

Lip, short for Phillip, has not adjusted to college life very well and his drinking got the better of him. I had hoped Lip would pull it together and it looks like he ends the season with the only option he has left. He has to get rehabilitated. Jeremy Allen White has not been in too much else but he is a promising young actor. 

Ian is striving for a new goal in life to work as an EMT but his recent history of a bipolar breakdown did not help. Cameron Monaghan did a great job as a sort of young joker in Gotham and I look forward to other roles he will be in. Ian's story has been a great set of romances and I do wish happiness for him.

Debbie has had her life changed with the new baby that she is struggling to take care of. I had really hoped that Debbie would be the smartest of them all but she will not have it easy as a young mother in a poor neighborhood. I've watched Emma Kenney grow up in a matter of months and she has a bright future.

Carl is my favorite and has gone through such a transition as a gangster to a potential police officer. Ethan Cutkosky had to take some time off to be in school, which resulted in the prison storyline but he is back trying to make a good impression for his young girlfriend's police father. It will be interesting to see what the writers have in store for him.

Shameless quickly went to the top of my list of favorite shows and I will be sure to include it in my top ten list just from the enjoyment I got out of all the seasons. The writing, acting, and directing of this show is amazing and I cannot wait to see more seasons and what the future of everyone involved becomes!

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