Sunday, April 17, 2016

TV Show Review: Girls (Season 5)

Lena Dunham's HBO Series Girls has come to the end of its run with the conclusion of season five. The adventures of Hannah Horvath, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jesse has run its course. Hannah went through relationships, jobs, and life crises as the millennial version of Sex and the City. The four girls had some outrageous occurrences over the years and it was both funny and bittersweet to see the end. 

Hannah played by Dunham herself was introduced as a struggling writer begging money of her parents five years ago and ended the show telling a story for the Moth radio hour. She made tons of questionable choices that were cringeworthy and hilarious. She had moved on from her main love interest to Fran played by Jake Lacy but that relationship did not end well either. In the end she is seen running off to an undetermined future. It's tough to end a long running show that usually finishes with a cliffhanger but both this season and the previous had solid conclusions.

Shoshanna played by Zosia Mamet, daughter of director David Mamet, came back from a brief stint in Japan to help Ray's coffee shop turn back around after losing the majority of customers to a hipster shop across the street. Shosh had plenty of amusing moments with her naiveté but the series end with hope for her marketing skills.

Jessa (Jemima Kirke) ended up with Adam though it looks like their relationship will be filled with a lot of fighting. Jessa was a confused character who struggled not only with terrible relationships but a serious drug addiction for several seasons. She actually ended up falling for Adam during her NA meetings.

Marnie (Allison Williams, the daughter of newscaster Brian Williams) pursues her music career with her ex-husband but has also acted on her dream to be with Ray played by Alex Karpovsky. Marnie was not the most likable character but her ending was fitting and an adventurous sixth episode had her coming to terms with her dreams. This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. 

This show birthed the career of Adam Driver who has moved onto to Star Wars fame. He began as Hannah's odd boyfriend with all sorts of fetishes and grew into a well-rounded character who screams with dark side rage at Jessa by the end. The show had ups and downs, good episodes and some that seemed unnecessary but overall this show is an interesting trip into the mind of the female millennial writer. It was funny and dramatic and a pretty good show, and later updating this have discovered they have one more season in store. 

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