Sunday, April 10, 2016

TV Premiere: Outlander (Season 2)

The Starz original series Outlander based on the series of books by Diana Gabaldon returns for a second season and begins one hell of a twist. I had been waiting all first season for Claire Randall, aka Claire Beechum aka Claire Fraser, to return to her present time and the first episode delivered a crazy twist flashing forward to Claire's return. Caitriona Balfe delivers a great performance as the distraught Claire who has clearly experienced something drastic before she warped back through time.

Frank Randall played by Tobias Menzies who also played the villainous Black Jack Randall discovers his wife in a much altered state from when he lost her two years earlier. Frank tries to find out what happened and be patient but Claire sees Black Jack every time he steps toward her. 

The plot jumps back into the past picking up with Claire and Jamie Fraser, her Scottish husband played by the steamy Sam Heughan arriving in France to talk to the prince that causes the Jacobite uprising, which didn't prove favorably for the Scotsman. There appears to be a lot of intrigue and political maneuvering that will take place in this new setting throughout the season and I hope the pace continues to surprise and engage me.

I thought the first season of Outlander had some exciting moments and I was a fan of Balfe's performance. Her chemistry with both Menzies and Heughan were great. I managed to read the first book and the second season has made me interested in picking up in the next book in the series. Starz has an interesting hit on its hands and I am looking forward to keeping up with the second season of this fun series!

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